It is 2072, the UK is in turmoil after an apocalyptic event and a group of young people are camped out on the third floor of an office bloack in South East London. At the top of a ruthless hiearchy is Daddy, who has the only interent connection and promises that one day they will all be taken to safety in a red helicopter. But when a stranger from the North arrives looking for a girl who dissapeared from the group a year ago nothing can ever be the same again.

Original production

Opening night: 
Original Cast:
Jack Fonseca-Burtt Cast
Claire Cassidy Cast
Kathleen Cranham Cast
Katerina Elliot Cast
Alfie Green Cast
Alex Kampfner Cast
Tom Lewis Cast
Lynette Linton Cast
Reuben Massiah Cast
Jordy Meya Cast
Tama Phethean Cast
Cameron Russell Cast
Redd Lily Roche Cast
Ray Sesay Cast
Humaira Wadiwala Cast
Production Team:
Alex Brown Director
Amelia Jane Hankin Designer
Jessie O'Toole Assistant Director
Daniel Balfour Sound Design
Jamie Platt Lighting Design
Frances Jegarajasegaram Costume