Two hundred years ago, Olaudah Equiano read the harrowing reports of a massacre aboard the slave ship Zong, where 132 Africans were thrown overboard. Joining forces with anti-slavery campaigner Granville Sharp to publicly condemn these actions, he helped set in motion events which led to the abolition movement in the UK. But Olaudah’s mission goes beyond the courtroom. Having bought his own freedom, he now faces a personal battle to rediscover his past and accept his true self.

Original production

Original Cast:
Simon Holland Roberts Sir John / Robert Stubbs / William Woodfall
Remi King Arthur Piggott / James Kelsall
Kiera Lester Ama/Gloria
Bethan Mary-James Joyi / Lord Mansfield
Eliza Smith Annie Greenwood / Elijah Brown
Sidiki Dembele Onstage Musical Director
Michael Elcock Ottobah Cugoano
Paul Higgins Granville Sharp
Alice Vilanculo Riba
Giles (Gilz) Terera Olaudah Equiano
Production Team:
Tom Morris Co-director
Kate Waters Fight Director
Samantha Adams Dramatherapist
Ingrid Mackinnon Movement Director
Zeynep Kepekli Lighting Designer
Nadia Williams Assistant Director
Giles (Gilz) Terera Playwright / Director
Jean Chan Set and Costume Designer
David / Dave Price Sound Designer / Co-Composer
Rhianne Good Costume Supervisor
Conrad Murray Beatbox and Loop Coach
Julia Head Associate Director
Claire O'Reilly Associate Director


Title Year Publisher NT Library
The Meaning of Zong 2022 Nick Hern Books No