Original production

Opening night: 
Original Cast:
Maria Charles Annie
Sylvester Williams Errol
Colin  Tarrant Cast
Joy Lemoine Doreen
Production Team:
Roland Rees Director
Nicolas Kent Director
Richard Moffat Lighting
Keith Boak Assistant Director
Tanya McCallin Designer


Title Year Publisher NT Library
Black Plays: 1, ed. Yvonne Brewster 1987 Methuen No

Union Catalogue

Link Series Reference Archive Info
Playscript MPS 3221 British Library
Publicity FN/4/8 University of Leeds
Poster (London) FN/4/19 University of Leeds
Poster (Birmingham) FN/4/31 University of Leeds
Prompt book FN/1/14 University of Leeds
Cast list FN/1/38 University of Leeds  
Casting notes FN/2/5 University of Leeds