House Of Agnes

House Of Agnes

By Levi David Addai
South – East London, summertime. Agnes's living room, parks near Caleb's workplace, a park near agnes's house and Mehmet's uncle's chip shop.
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After 40 years of building a home in London, Agnes is retiring and moving back to Ghana. Her final wish is for her sons to live together under the same roof when she is gone. But her eldest, Sol, is living with a girlfriend Agnes loathes and he won't move home until Agnes accepts her. Whilst younger brother Caleb will do whatever it takes to inherit the house - except share it with Sol. As her departure draws closer, tensions at Agnes' rise to breaking point. Will she trust her 21st century boys and finally allow them to be men? Who will own the House of Agnes?

Original production

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Original Cast:
Cecilia Noble Agnes Ofori
Anwar Lynch Caleb Mensah
Ludvig Bonin Solomon Mensah
Sheri-An Davis Davina Marshall
Adam Deacon Mehmet Sas
Catherine Bailey Michaela Boyd
Production Team:
George Perrin Director
Chahine Yavroyan Lighting Designer
Poppy Lozynski Design Assistant
Giles Thomas Sound Technician
Jemma Gardner Stage Manager
Robert Holmes Production Manager
Hannah Clark Designer


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Poster Ovalhouse Archive

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Playscript MPS 11709 British Library