Horses of the Night draws heavily on the language and themes of Christpoher Marlowe's Dr Faustus.

Original production

Original Cast:
Cosmo Ben Imhotep Musician
Ishmael Thomas John Foster
Thierry Lawson Valdez / The 7 Sins
Diana Penny Cornelius / The 7 Sins
Harry Nicholls Good Angel / Lucifer
Uche Aniagolu Helen / The 7 Sins
Production Team:
Peggy Bennette Hume Director / Designer
Larry Coke Lighting
Caroline Muraldo Movement
Vilma Oakley Costumes
Witty Forde Production Manager
Denzel Williamson Stage Manager
Anton Phillips Director / Designer


Type Code
Flyer Black Cultural Archives, Ephemera/61

Union Catalogue

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Flyer BCA/Ephemera/61 Black Cultural Archives