Hard Rock, Hip Hop, Trip Hop, R and B, Country, Punky, Funky, Folk, Soul not forgetting Rock and Roll. Nothing touches us like music, everyone everywhere feels something. Fasten your seatbelt for a journey into sound, the globe-trotting musical ride of your life. The politicians play "DJ" day after day, spinning you their remix, their cut, their tracks. Brutality, desperation, exploitation - grinding to the beat. Created by artists from Nigeria, the US and the UK, God is a DJ fuses music, text, visuals and movement to tell a powerful tale of people betrayed by their dreams.

Original production

Original Cast:
Natalie Duval Jenny / Abasina / Boss / Rose
Kevin Lancelot Everiste Ekong / Ronaldo
Naomi Said Celine / Flavia / Elvie
Carryl Thomas Monita / Felicia
Production Team:
Paul J Medford Director
Rosa Maggiora Designer

Union Catalogue

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Playscript MPS 11238 British Library