Patience is running out, times have changed. And progress isn’t enough. Black British. African American. Here. There. Now. Snapshots of lives, snapshots of experiences of protest; violence vs non-violence, direct action vs demonstrations, ear for eye follows characters navigating their way through society today.

Original production

Opening night: 
Original Cast:
Eric Kofi Abrefa Cast
Lashana  Lynch Cast
Angela Wynter Cast
Anita Reynolds Cast
Demetri Goritsas Cast
Faz Singhateh Cast
George Eggay Cast
Kayla Meikle Cast
Michelle Greenidge Cast
Nicholas Pinnock Cast
Sarah Quist Cast
Seroca Davis Cast
Shanique Okwok Cast
Hayden McLean Cast
Jamal Ajala Cast
Tosin Cole Cast
Production Team:
Merle Hensel Designer
Christopher Shutt Sound Designer
Paule Constable Lighting Designer
Vicki Manderson Movement Director
Deepa Shastri Deaf Consultant


Title Year Publisher NT Library
ear for eye by debbie tucker green 2018 Nick Hern Books No