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The Bacchae

By Wole Soyinka
Thebes of ancient Greece
Cast total: 
Male cast: 
Female cast: 

Original production

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Original Cast:
Martin Shaw Dionysus
John Shrapnel Pentheus, King of Thebes
Julian Curry Tiresias
Constance Cummings Agave, Pentheus' mother
Paul Curran Cadmus, Agave's father
David Bradley Herdsman
Desmond McNamara Guard / Slave / Bodyguard
Gawn Grainger Officer
Isabelle Lucas Leader of the Bacchantes
Harry Lomax Old Slave
Sarah Atkinson Bacchante
Rachel Davies Bacchante
Carol Drinkwater Bacchante
Chrissy Iddom Bacchante
Jennifer Piercey Bacchante
David Firth Slave / Bodyguard
John Gregg Slave / Bodyguard / Understudy: Old Slave
Paul Gregory Slave / Bodyguard
Mary Griffiths Slave / Bodyguard
James Hayes Slave / Bodyguard
Richard Howard Slave / Bodyguard
Desmond McNamara Slave/Bodyguard
Clive Merrison Slave / Bodyguard
Maggie Riley Slave / Bodyguard
James Smith Slave / Bodyguard
Michael Stroud Slave / Bodyguard
Stephen Williams Slave / Bodyguard
John Gregg Old Slave (17 Oct 1973)
Ram John Holder Leader of the Slaves
Leslie Rainey Leader of the Slaves
Lynsey Baxter Bacchante
Philip Bliss Bacchante
April Ford Bacchante
Sandra Hamilton Bacchante
Laurie Morgan Percussion
Production Team:
Roland Joffe Director
Euripides (c.485-406 BC) Writer
Leonard Tucker Lighting
Diana Boddington Stage Manager
Wole Soyinka Adaptor
Marc Wilkinson Sound
Angela Bissett Assistant Stage Manager
Laurie Morgan Drums
Anthony Crickmay Production Photographer
Elizabeth Markham Assistant Stage Manager
Malcolm Goddard Dance
Phil Robins Deputy Stage Manager
Terry Oliver Assistant Stage Manager
Nadine Baylis Design
Richard Howard Assistant to the Producer
Tony Walters Stage Manager
Alison Redgrave Deputy Stage Manager
Trevor Mitchell Assistant Stage Manager
Marc Wilkinson Music / Sound
Malcolm Goddard Movement


Title Year Publisher NT Library
Wole Soyinka - Collected Plays Part 1 1973 Oxford University Press No
The 'Bacchae of Euripides. A Communion Rite 1973 Eyre Methuen No

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