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Anansi and the Magic Mirror

By Geoff Aymer
Cast total: 
Male cast: 
Female cast: 


When Anansi enters the world of Nana Sus's magic shop and steals the magic mirror from under the nose of the young gril Adojah, he unleashes the power of Lilith from the underworld and causes a whole lot of bother.

Original production

Opening night: 
Original Cast:
Marcus Powell Bredda Snake / Mirror 1 / Councillor Harmony / Bredda Lion / CB World Voice Over
Susan Lawson-Reynolds Lility / Mirror 2 / Bredda Monkey / Councillor Justice / Real
Darren Hart Bredda Tiger / Councillor Truth / Singing Duppy 1 / Rudie
Sophie Benjamin Adojah / Singing Duppy 3
Tameka Empson Nana Susu / Singing Duppy 2
Kat B Anansi
Production Team:
Paul J Medford Director
Rosa Maggiora Designer
Philip Gladwell Lighting
Simon Deacon Sound
Rosa Maggiora Designer
Delroy Murray Musical Director
Paul J Medford Choreography

Union Catalogue

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Playscript MPS 11977 British Library