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93.2 FM

By Levi David Addai
South-East Lodnon. Late September to New Years Eve, 2004
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Coach and Bossman are a dynamic duo tearing up the airwaves at Borough FM. Together they have become radio heroes, but someone's getting above their station, putting Borough FM in the shade. There's a storm brewing and the live phone-ins might not be able to provide all the answers.United they may stand but divided. . .

Original production

Opening night: 
Original Cast:
Will Beer Omar Gooding
Richie Campbell Jerome Bartley
Seroca Davis Keisha Walker
Lorna Brown Patricia Gayle
Emmanuel Idowu Anton Walker
Ashley Madekwe Delisha Taylor
Ofo Uhiara Malachi (coach)
Production Team:
Dawn Walton Director
Soutra Gilmour Designer
Emma Cameron Deputy Stage Manager
Nicki Brown Lighting
Adrienne Quartly Sound Designer
Rae McKen Assistant Director
Amy Ball Casting
Sue Bird Production Manager
Steve Andrews Technical Stage Manager
Rebecca Austin Propping Stage Manager
Jackie Orton Costume Supervisor
Christina McDougall Costume work placement


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Playscript MPS 11224 British Library