Writer, director and actor Sol River began his writing career in 1993 with three full-length scripts entitled Identity, Dead Good Actor and Testosterone. River completed an M.A. in scriptwriting before taking up the position of Writer-in-Residence at the West Yorkshire Playhouse from 1994-96 after writing Moor Masterpieces, his first commissioned production. River has worked for a number of companies including the Phoenix Dance Company, who commissioned Unbroken (1998), and Talawa Theatre Company, who commissioned 48-98, for the Zebra Crossing 2 season in 1998.


Title Date Publisher
Plays: Moor Masterpieces; To Rahtid; Unbroken 1997 Oberon Modern Playwrights
Two Tracks and Text Me 2003 Oberon Modern Plays
Plays Two: 48-98; Walk Against Fear; Making Waves; The White Witch of Rose Hall; Two Tracks and Text Me 2003 Oberon Modern Playwrights

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