Playwright Wale Ogunyemi was born in Igbajo in the West of Nigeria. Ogunyemi became a drama student at Ibadan University in on a one-year professional course. At the same time he was appointed to Ibadan's Institute of African Studies as a research assistant and transcriber, and he stayed with the institute throughout his career, increasingly devoting himself to Yoruba studies. From 1970s onwards Ogunyemi began writing for the stage with plays ranging from popular domestic comedies to reworkings of Yoruba myth and history.


Production Date Theatre
Langbodo 1984 Commonwealth Institute


Title Date Publisher
Queen Amina of Zazzau 1999 Ibadan University Press
Eniyan: A Morality Play 1987 Ibadan University Press
The Vow 1985 Macmillan Education
Langbodo: Dramatised from Soyinka / Jagunwas The forest of a thousand demons 1979 Nelson
The Divorce 1977 Onibonoje Press & Book Industries
Kiriji: An Historic Drama on Ekiti Parapo War in the Nineteenth Century 1976 African Universities Press
Obaluaye 1972 Institute of African Studies
Eshu Elegbara 1970 Orisun Acting Editions
Ijaye War: A Historical Drama 1970 Orisun Acting Editions
The Scheme: in Three Nigerian Plays, with an introduction and notes by Ulli Beier 1967 Longmans