Levi David Addai made his debut, writing for the stage in 2005, when his first production, 93.2FM, opened at the Royal Court Theatre. This production was directed by Dawn Walton, who Addai would again work with on his second Royal Court production, Oxford Street, which premiered in 2008 at the Royal Court's Jerwood Theatre. The cast of Oxford Street were nominated for the Olivier award for Outstanding Achievement in an Affiliate Theatre. The production was also ran in a disused shop in the Elephant and Castle shopping centre in June 2008, piloting the Royal Court's 'Theatre Local project, which strives to innovate new spaces for the staging of performances. In an interview with Ola Animashawn, Levi spoke of how his writing is inspired by his everyday life and experiences, such as his previous job as a security guard on Oxfrod Street, which influenced his writing of Oxford Street. In 2008, Addai also had House of Agnes produced at the Oval House Theatre with the company Plaines Plugh. Addais work explores South London street life, family relationships and masculine identity.