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Errol Hill

Place of birth: 
Trinidad and Tobago


Trinidadian Errol Hill was a playwright and theatre historian. In 1949 Hill travelled to London on a two year British Council Scholarship at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) where he graduated with distinction in 1951. During his time in Britain he directed Caribbean students in a number of productions most notably Derek Walcott's Henri Christophe staring Errol John. In 1958 Hill went to Yale University School of Drama on a Rockefeller Foundation fellowship and received an M.A. in playwriting in 1962, and a doctorate in 1966. Hill's work championed the creation of a theatre reflecting Caribbean popular culture.


Production Date Theatre
Dance Bongo 1965
The Master of Carnival 1986


Title Date Publisher
Plays for Today; Ti Jean and His Brother; An In the Bone; Man Better Man, by Derek Walcott, Dennis Scott and Errol Hill 1985 Longman Caribbean Writers

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